Digital World

Making our online world a safer place starts with educating and empowering children to grow up to become responsible and kind citizens – both online and off. Information is power, and a parent who seeks to understand their child’s online world is better prepared to support them on this journey.

Read about how to help your child communicate in difficult situations, navigate online risks, and build resilience online as they grow.

The COVID pandemic has fundamentally changed the way our young ones perceive and experience the world around us. As children and young people get ready to come back to school, we explore some tips on how to help them grow and succeed while they balance this new reality.
Technology and the online world play an important role in your child’s experiences while growing up. In this article we seek to explore some of the positive and negative effects of the internet on your child's mental and physical wellbeing.
We can all use a moment to reflect on how we choose to use our devices and the impact they have on us. These tips can help boost an open conversation on some foundational rules for everyone at home.
Truly understanding our children’s digital world is often a concept that is overlooked when exploring online safety. It’s not all about rules and restrictions, but rather empowering our children to become responsible and kind digital citizens.