Mental Wellbeing

As you grow up, it’s understandable to feel stressed about a number of things – fitting in, doing well in school, or getting along with family. A lot of these pressures are impossible to avoid and can feel more intense on social media.

As we go through life experiences, it’s important to keep track of our mental wellbeing. In this section, we share some tips and tools to help you overcome difficult times.

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Calming Anxiety

There’s an ancient part of your brain that’s evolved to worry as it seeks to protect you. Follow this audio exercise to calm the waves of anxiety and allow your brain to feel safe again.

Stress, fear and anxiety can often feel similar. You might feel overwhelmed, like you can't cope or like you want to run away. Here we share some tips on how to deal with these emotions.

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Coping with Sadness

We all experience difficult emotions in our lives. While we can’t control what feelings pop up, we do have a say in how we react. Here we explore ways for you to cope with these emotions and be kind towards yourself.

There are days where we feel happy and excited about our friends, hobbies, and other positive things in life. But there are also other days where we might feel down and struggle to smile. In this article, let's explore sad feelings and discuss ways to improve your mood.

Take a Moment to Breathe

Pause for a moment to focus on your breath, center yourself, and relax your mind