Online World

Your online world is always growing and changing – a constant stream of new apps to try, websites to visit, friends to connect with, and videos to watch. Staying up-to-date on everything can feel impossible and overwhelming, but we’re here to offer some tips that can help you stay safe while you’re online.

Check out these articles to find out how to protect yourself & your privacy, communicate respectfully, and find support if you need it.

The internet can be a great place to talk to your friends, learn new things, watch funny videos or play games. Don’t let people with bad intentions spoil the fun – keep your profiles secure.
Good manners are not only important at school or at the dinner table. Following netiquette can also help you build a positive online reputation and avoid conflicts with others.

We are social beings and we can’t figure everything out on our own - it's ok to reach out. Whether you are experiencing an extremely difficult situation, a challenge, or if you just wish to talk about something that is worrying you, do not hesitate to speak with someone you trust.


Take a Moment to Breathe

Pause for a moment to focus on your breath, center yourself, and relax your mind